Have you ever wondered that there are clouds over your head? Whether it’s a sunny day or rainy one. But the fascinating fact about your overhead clouds are they can change the shape and size anytime they want. In case you are wondering, it’s not that complicated.

Let me give you a perfect example of a round fluff cloud that might be found basis on the majority. So if you are thinking right now like – hmm…..what it looks like? The colour? The texture? Congratulations!! There is a cloud over your head at this very moment.

This is the thought cloud that we have each and every second. We think continuously. We worry. We imagine. All of these are different forms of cloud. Sometimes the cloud is white and shiny with a silver lining . But sometimes it is grey and stormy. Sometimes it’s very blur and light. It only depends you what is your favourite kind.

The thought cloud might not be the best everytime. Since a there are some events where we need to think less and act more. These occassion are meant to be the game changers since we usually dont get enough time to form our cloud. The instinct comes from within.

Also these clouds are very very clingy. But it’s you who decides how long are you letting that particular thought stay. It’s the best feeling in the world to let go of something that we don’t deserve. It can be the most grey and the unstable cloud or the clingiest one.

The point is never let go of your self control for some random clouds. You deserve the most beautiful clouds with all the happy thoughts . Don’t settle . Don’t wait . Because every cloud has a silver lining, isn’t it true?☁️

Responsive Websites

Responsive internet style is associate approach whereby a designer creates an online page that “responds to” or resizes itself betting on the kind of device it’s being seen through. That could be an over sized desktop computer monitor, a laptop or devices with small screens such as smartphones and tablets.

So, you’ve endowed in an exceedingly mobile web site for your web site and assume you’re equipped for the future?

Then you may want to think again.                      

In the era of technology, mobile remains first important trend that sets standards for consumers. However, this doesn’t mean that having a mobile website next to your regular site is essentially the most effective answer. Whilst the size of phones & tablets keeps changing – not to mention the difference between portrait & landscape mode – a single site can’t scale properly to all of them. The solution: Responsive design.

Why Responsive?

Let’s face it! The era of the computer because the sole net medium is long gone.Then there area unit the tablets, laptops, Kindles, iPads, netbooks, and the likes. And at the core of it, all devices are used for accessing internet .

Although it looks like a colossal task, websites now have to be made compatible with all these devices. Resolutions and graphics have to be compelled to be changed to suit the screen of any device and provides the user the most effective web site expertise. This is wherever responsive internet style takes center stage.

This is how our site looks when compared actual and responsive:

The responsive websites essentially utilize fluid grids, responsive images and styling to change the site’s design and render it according to the browser width and layout. For stylers the goal is to access the website through all platform and enhance UI design.

A major key to responsive internet style is knowing your audience and what device they’re victimization to look at your web site. Let us see the traffic in desktop vs. mobile vs. tablet. Approx 56% of traffic in North American websites is from mobile devices. Today there are around 2.6 billion cellphone user and by 2020 that’s predicted to reach about 6 billion.

How It Works?

Responsive sites use fluid grids. All page components area unit sized by proportion, rather than pixels. So if you have got 3 columns, you wouldn’t say exactly how wide each should be, but rather how wide they should be in relation to the other columns. Column one ought to take up 0.5 the page, column 2 should take up 30%, and column 3 should take up 20%, for instance.

Media such as images is also resized relatively. That way an image can stay within its column or relative design element.You can easily check if a website is responsive by resizing your browser window.

Ethan Marcotte is attributable with coining the term ‘responsive internet design’ and shaping it. This web design works on the following  primary principles.

 Grids: Relative size as compared to absolute one is used for setting the site’s layout. Makes use of percentage in CSS rather using pixels.

Media Queries: It is used for detecting device and fits the site on the screen. The page as the screen compresses or expands.

Flexible Media: This feature helps for CSS overflowing which adjusts the size of pictures.

A responsive web design prevents blurring or pixilation of images, content scattering over the page, and the undesired efforts of having to scroll around the screen for reading or viewing the site. In short, it adapts to the screen size and adjusts itself consequently.

Try at least three layouts:

A responsive website should have at least these layouts for different browser widths.

Small: under 600px. Can be used for cellphones for viewing.

Medium: 600px – 900px. Content having this layout can be used on tablets and notebook.

Large: over 900px-Generally used for personal computers.

Each of these layouts should include the same text and graphical elements, but each should be designed to best display that content based on the user’s devices.

As predicted by analyst Morgan Stanley , 2014 was the year when mobile takes over desktop in internet usage.

This is in the main because of the very fact that developing worlds have exaggerated access to low cost mobile phones and information plans, but also in the western world the craze of mobile devices are increasing immensely.This shift from desktop to mobile needs internet designers to seek out the way to regulate websites to reply to all or any the various screen sizes out there.

You want to go mobile with your site? Google recommends using responsive design! Regardless of what you would possibly consider Google, when they make a recommendation concerning web design, it’s usually a smart thing to listen.

You don’t have to be compelled to manage multiple versions of your content for your desktop and mobile web site, one set is all you need.


One web site ever-changing its layout in an exceedingly fluid manner in response to all or any the various devices that individuals use to browse the online looks like a simple and most elegant answer. However, responsive style might not invariably respond adequately to sure objectives you’ve set for your web site.

Thus having so much options in developer’s repository makes consumer to choose better and efficient way of styling a responsive design.

Different types of contacts everyone have in their list!

People say slow eaters have got nothing to do but as I was struggling to eat my lunch today , I got a very interesting thing on my mind. Something went very wrong when I just gulped my first bite while looking at my phone(P.s : I love my phone very much so we hang out together most of the time).

So I just scrolled down my contact list and then I did same to my mum’s and dad’s phone. I found that there are certain types of contacts each of us got. Let’s take a look –

1) “The Mendatory “: It’s the most important contact as we generally call or message this person whenever we got our lives in trouble. 

2)”The Best  Friend”: Wether we are happy or in blues , our bestie gets ways to roll down on all that. And it’s the best kind of contact that anyone has.

3)“The Relative” : It’s the type of contact that fills our 80% of list . This ‘just in case’ contact pulls us out most of the time from a situation but this comes with a price. You have to remind them that you are as useful as them.

4)”The Crush”: This contact is aimed for one and only dream. Dream is to get a call from our crush (by mistake only). And that is never going to happen. We all know that deep inside (P.s this can fill up your 20% List sometimes).

5)“The Ex-one”: It can refer to your good or bad history of exe’s . Like your ex-roomie , husband, classmate, teacher etc. This was once the most called contact ever but now it just sits there staring at you and laughing at your own memories.

So while thinking all of these I came to realize that my meal had been finished and so is my list. While scrolling your contact list next time just wink at it( you know why!!).

First Step

It feels like the Crystal drew drop on tiny tender green leaves of the blossom tree. They are cherishing each and every moment when cool breeze shakes them. They stand together from the coolest breeze to the raging storm. They dance together. They get dry together. They sing together. They sing together the most melodious song of nature. Life is like this only fellas!! We live together. We eat together. We survive from the lowest point of our lives to the greatest one. Don‘t over think upon your situation. God only knows what’s better for you. And it’s your destiny that you get. So just Enjoy!!

And as said- It is what it is.